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1. How can I access articles online and hardcopy?
You may access articles online after registering yourself on our website. Hard copy can be ordered and would be delivered by post.

2. How much does it cost to access one article or one full issue for an individual or an institution?
As promotional offer, currently articles and the issues are available free of cost to all subscribers.

3. What are the rates of subscription?
Currently, it is free of cost to all subscribers

4. Can I submit manuscript for publication in India Review®?
Anybody of suitable background can submit manuscript for publication in India Review. However,the manuscript should satisfy certain requirements. Kindly refer to Submission Instructions to authors for more information.

5. My question is still not answered, how do I contact India Review® for clarification and further details?
You may fill in ‘Contact us’ page or send an email to info@IndiaReview.co.uk