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India Review Vol.1 Issue 1

The Splendid Pillars Of Ashoka     King Ashoka, third emperor of the first Indian empire Mauryan dynasty, erected series of pillars during his reign in 3rd century BC which are now geographically dispersed throughout the Indian subcontinent (the region which the Mauryan empire was). These columns are

Dr. Manmohan Singh “The true strength of the nation lies not in the brute force of its state- but in the robustness of the values and the strength of its moral character”     Dr Manmohan Singh is most famously known as the first Sikh prime minister of the

Ancestor Worship     The ancient Hindu practise of ancestor worship over a period of 15 days observed once every year by Hindus is called the ‘Pitri-Paksha’ (‘fortnight of the ancestors’) during which ancestors are remembered, worshipped and seek their blessings. Through this period of remembrance, Hindus throughout the