A Monthly Magazine on India
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A Monthly Magazine on India
About Us - India Review - A Monthly Magazine on India  

About Us

India Review® is a monthly popular magazine focussing on matters pertaining to India. Our articles cover all areas about life and society of India including but not limited to its culture, religion, economy, politics, literature, trade and businesses, international relations, etc.

Our Company

Founded by Umesh Prasad in 2018, India Review® is both online and a print magazine published by UK EPC Ltd (formerly UK Education Consultancy Services Ltd), (Company Number 10459935 Registered in England).

Our Trademarks

India Review® (UK00003287940) is our registered trademark.


ISSN 2631-3227 (Online)
ISSN 2631-3219 (Print)


India Review® is catalogued in various libraries. Here are some of the libraries holding copies of India Review® in their depositories which may be accessible to readers and authors.

British Library Permalink

Our Other Publications

We also publish a popular science magazine Scientific European® and four research journals with peer-reviewed articles based on primary research namely European Journal of Sciences (EJS)®,European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS)®, European Journal of Law and Management (EJLM)® and European Journal of Medicine and Dentistry (EJMD)®.

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